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Need A Professional Commercial Painter In Charleston?

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Looking for a reliable and professional commercial painter in Charleston, SC? Mike's Custom Painting is your top choice! We offer high-quality custom painting services for businesses of all types and sizes.

Whether you want interior or exterior painting, our skilled painters have got you covered. We also provide a variety of color options to help you get the right design for your company. Mike The Paint Guy LLC is a South Carolina-licensed and insured business.

Make Sure You Look Your Best

Our city is a top tourist destination in the world; for this reason, your company must always appear its best. Hiring a skilled commercial painter is critical to the success of your company. We have over 20 years of expertise and the skills to properly paint your company.

We use professional tools and equipment and are constantly double-checking our work to ensure we deliver the highest quality paint job possible.

There are so many tourists coming into our city it just makes sense to have your business looking its best. The first thing they're going to see is your paint job. Does your paint currently look old and outdated? Is it worn out?

Getting a new custom paint job can bring your business back to life. If your business looks old and outdated, your customers will go elsewhere. We can get your place of business professionally painted at a reasonable rate.

Professionals VS Amateurs

When painting your commercial property, choosing a professional commercial painter over an amateur is always better. A Professional commercial painter will have the tools and experience to get your property painted correctly.

MA professional will also be licensed and insured for your safety. Mike The Paint Guy LLC has years of experience and the tools and skills to do any work professionally and safely.

Don't risk your business's reputation by hiring an amateur. You should pick a business that can complete the job correctly the first time, has the necessary experience and equipment and is well-known in the region for its professionalism.

Mike's Custom Painting is your best choice for professional commercial painting in Charleston and the surrounding areas. The owner Mike is always on site and easy to get a hold of. Check out this article from Major Painting on the 3 Reasons To Hire a Professional Painter for Your Commercial Building.

Save Time And Money

We will make sure you save time and money by hiring us. Hiring a professional painting contractor will save time and money because the job will get done right the first time. At Mike The Paint Guy LLC, we use the highest quality paint and get your job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We take the time to go over a detailed color consultation with you, ensuring the best colors are chosen. We will even put samples on the walls or exterior to ensure the best colors are chosen.

Your Buildings Exterior & Interior

When it comes to your building's exterior, we will pressure wash the entire exterior surface of the building where we will be painting. Next, we scrape off any loose paint, sand areas and feather them in. We also prime problematic spots, check for cracks, caulk the cracks, and fill in any wood knots.

After the preparation, we will put down a layer of paint which will allow us to see the mistakes that we missed. We will correct any errors, ensure everything is prepped perfectly, and then professionally paint your building, leaving you with the highest quality paint job you can get in Charleston, SC.

The interior is a similar process to the exterior. We'll make sure that everything is professionally prepped, put down a layer of paint to highlight any errors we missed, correct the errors and paint your building's interior to perfection.

We make sure that your interior and exterior look perfect. We will also clean up all of our mess, leaving your place of business looking great and attractive to new customers.

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If You Need Your Business Painted, Give Us A Call

Mike The Paint Guy LLC is a painting company that services Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, and the surrounding areas. We have been painting residential homes and businesses for over 20 years, are licensed and insured, and have an outstanding reputation for quality workmanship.

Mike and his team of painters are skilled in working on historic homes, elevated beachfront properties, and any other home you can think of. Even though Mike owns his own painting company, he is still in the field, ensuring the job gets done correctly. We are transparent regarding our procedures and pricing and ensure that our work is double-checked to deliver a perfect finish.

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